Thursday, October 27, 2011

Book Adventure

Teachers are (or should be) always looking for ways to motivate students to read. Teachers around the country use prizes, points, and even threats as a means for getting their kids to read.

The Sylvan Learning Center has produced a website called Book Adventure, and it is designed in a way that reminds me of the Accelerated Reader program in a way. But not all schools pay for AR access, so if you're into AR and want it in your classroom, this option may be a cheap and easy way for you to implement it.

Kids can sign up and take quizzes, and when they get great scores, they can earn points. The points can be redeemed for prizes. There are some prizes already listed on the site, but then teachers can go on and upload their own prizes for their own personal classroom and students, too. Other perks for teachers: preview quizzes and generate reports of student progress.
I like the book finder provided. It's almost like the Scholastic Book Wizard that I wrote about a while back. In any case, book finders are always useful tools, in my opinion!
The kids' section of the site also provides some games that try to make learning more fun. A parent section makes the website complete for anyone and everyone.

It's a simple site with simple, yet effective features. Sylvan is a good company, and I don't think they would steer your student wrong.
Let me know what you think of Book Adventure!

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