Tuesday, December 17, 2013


I've said before that I love fonts, and I have about a bajillion on my computers! {I've even tried my hand at making my own!}

The one bad thing about having such wide font options is that, when I go to make something for my classroom, I have a reeeaallly hard time picking which font I'm going to use.

I don't like the regular fonts like Arial, Times New Roman, etc., and don't even get me started on Comic Sans MS! {*cue my exasperated groan*} I also have specific requirements for the font that I use, based on what I'm using it for. For instance, if it's a title for a decoration in my classroom, I'm not crazy-concerned with the font looking "normal." {I teach my students that there are a variety of fonts in the world and that they will have to get used to seeing and reading different ones as they grow up.} If I'm writing words for, say, my word wall, I want the font to look childlike but still readable... and I definitely want the letters to mimic the way that we teach handwriting at my school.

With all the font options I have, all my specific requirements for each font, and the time it takes me to select the font/scroll through/preview, I could literally spend an hour {or more!} deciding on fonts for one file.

That's why I use wordmark.it to help me decide.

When you go to www.wordmark.it, you see this screen:

The little gator in the middle is an advertisement, so don't mind him!

From there, I can click on the word "wordmark" in the middle of the top black bar, and I can type in the word(s) I'm trying to play with. For instance, while I was making some table numbers for my new blue/gray/green themed classroom, I needed to see what different fonts looked like for the numbers 1-6, so I typed that in the box. After I pressed enter, I saw this screen:

You'll see a display of how the word(s) you typed in would look in every single font on your computer. You can scroll down the page to keep seeing more fonts until you've seen it written in every way possible.

In the black bar, you also have the option to manipulate the colors {do you want to see black on white, or is it easier for you to read white on black?} and size of the previews. 

Now it's easy to narrow down my font selection for my table numbers, because I can see all the options side-by-side. 

  • It's free.
  • No sign in required. 
  • You can very quickly see how your word(s) would look in any font on your computer.
  • You an see every single font you own without having to do a bunch of clicking or manipulating.

I'm having a hard time thinking of any cons, really. There is an option to sign up in order to save your selections, but I've never used nor needed that feature.

Please keep in mind that wordmark.it only lets you see the fonts you already have installed on your computer. {I think this is wonderful because you don't see any options you can't use.}

Even if you don't sell products on Teachers Pay Teachers or Teacher's Notebook, you may still find wordmark.it convenient if you make anything for your students.


  1. Mrs. K,

    Thanks for sharing this idea! :) I'm going to go try it right now!

    Mrs. Thompson
    Adventures in Teaching (A First Grade Blog)
    My TpT Store

    1. If you like fonts, you will for-sure get addicted to Wordmark.It! You've been warned. :)


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